About Jeffrey


This website is the new home for my music (Count Gilbert Music), my writing, and my ultimate science experiment.

I was introduced to the Law of Attraction in 2008 when I read the book The Secret. It fascinated me and made more sense than probably anything I had ever heard in my life…it resonated with me.

I have studied and explored thought energy, vibration and the laws of the universe on a daily basis ever since.

What I have felt and have observed take place in my life has been so incredible that I wrote and published my first book called The Secret Beast. I also wrote and recorded The Secret Beast Soundtrack…a collection of music that coincides with the chapters in the book.

Currently I am writing a book and recording a soundtrack called Doppelganger…it is the sequel to The Secret Beast.

The science project is the creation of my dream and the ultimate unfolding and manifestation of that dream by turning my thoughts into things…documented throughout the two books.

Please read The Secret Beast first, on Kindle or paperback at Amazon (Kindle version has live music links and videos for the soundtrack), then check back to this site for the unfolding of the project in Doppelganger.

Thank you!


doppelganger cover.