Taking the high road

The thunder storms have passed and the warm west Texas sun dominates the sky…its kind of humid…when usually the air is dry. Everybody here embraces the rain and the abundance that has come the past few weeks, is breaking records.

The wind chimes on our patio tell me there is a mellow breeze while I try to decide whether to write about this amazing experience happening in Lubbock or to read more of a book called Death & Co. that was given to me to read by Gardski’s new head chef, Brian.

I know, kind of a morbid name for a book, but since we are all eternal… who really gives a shit? It’s one timeless, endless experience of energetic, infinite expansion…so now the name resonates to me as very cool.

Brian is my new roomate. We moved into a fully furnished (thank you Alicia, Damin) 2 bedroom house very close to Gardski’s restaurant (which we are remodeling), the business district and the Texas Tech campus.

While Brian works on the details of installing the kitchen equipment and creating the menu… Matt, Cody, Damin and I continue the construction alongside restaurant owners Welden and Ann, the building owners (the Skybell brothers) and the sub-contractors.

The thing that I have focused on the most the past few months is practicing “lack of resistance” or as Abraham Hicks calls it “the art of allowing” when it comes to my thoughts.

This is a very simple concept to explain and unusually fun to practice. The blog I wrote “The Envelope” is a perfect example of a seemingly simple manifestation using this technique.

Here is how it works:

If I feel bad or have negative emotions, I am blocking the natural flow of well being to me from God, Source, Infinite Mind, Universe …whatever you want to call the Creator.

If I feel good, excited, energetic, vibrant…positive emotions…then I allow all the good well being and vibration to flow into my experience. That’s it, simple…the Law of Attraction at work.

This practice includes learning to switch from feeling the negative frequency, or the problem…into feeling a frequency that is more positive…where a solution is. Taking the high road.


I left Seattle in March to drive to Lubbock.  As I drove east thru the Snoqualmie Pass in western Washington and began entering eastern Washington, I felt a negative emotion in my solar plex…my gut…”a gut feeling” that didn’t resonate with the soul of who I am…or “with my higher self.”

I had some bud in my car. “Sour Diesel” actually. It’s a strain of sativa… it can be purchased like coffee in Seattle .

There are a couple routes that I can take to Lubbock coming from Seattle. One begins east on I-90 and goes thru Spokane, WA then thru Idaho and Montana … the other route heads southeast thru Yakima, WA, into Oregon then Utah.

Bud is legal in Washington but soon I was going to cross state lines and into illegal territory. And I did not want another episode like I had with the K-9 unit in Utah 2 years ago.

I didn’t know what to do with my bud…a problem arose.

I could feel the negative energy flow.

But instead of remaining on that low, confusing, unsure, fearful, lacking frequency…caused by the contrast that life gives us…I switched to my higher self and switched to thinking thoughts about positive things that I did not have any resistance to (in an attempt to purposefully distract myself) and starting saying phrases and affirmations in my head like…

“its okay, life is good…”

“I have perfect health…”

“things always turn out good for me”

“this trip is exciting…even without bud

“you don’t need bud anyway…”

“you can take it or leave it”

“you usually go months without bud…”

“the bud was given to me anyway…”

As I was starting to feel better, I had the thought “man, just throw your bud out the window, it’s not worth the risk…”

But then a great idea came to me.

The idea was “stash your bud in a jar in the woods and get it when you return in 3 weeks.” Instant clarity.

The Creator worked swiftly to bring a solution and happiness into my reality.

Part of the arrangement  was that I would move to Lubbock to help start the demolition portion on the restaurant and then drive back to Seattle (3 weeks later) for a book release/music show on April 3rd. …one that I had previously booked to perfom with my niece Maddy, at Forza in Gig Harbor WA.

I had 30 miles before I had to decide if I was going to drive east thru Spokane or south thru Yakima on the way to Lubbock.

If I stashed it, then I would have a nice little treat waiting for me when I would return in 3 weeks.

Because I did not know the route I would be taking on the return trip, I brilliantly stashed it in a mutual spot that served all routes…West Nelson Siding Rd. near Cle Elum, WA.

I put my little stash in a jar, along with a lighter and can of Red Bull into the belly of the 5 trees of life, said a blessing, then continued on my journey.

I returned to West Nelson Siding Rd. as planned 3 weeks later…joyous manifestation.

Since learning more of how to stay out of the way of the flow of well being…by doing anything that makes me happy in that moment…good feelings and abundance therefore gain momentum.


Because of a work delay at the restaurant 2 weeks ago…regarding permits…I went on another road trip. Once again, leaving Lubbock and traveling to Seattle.

Without any pre-planning, I got to surprise my mom on Mother’s Day, golfed with one brother 2 times, went hiking by myself,…painted and played pool with my other brother. On top of that, I had the most amazing rendezvous with my son. We got to play golf together for his first time ever playing 18 holes of golf…just days before he went to field training in Alabama…so fun… all random flow of well being.

And to top it all off,  on my return trip to Lubbock from Seattle, not only did my route take me past West Nelson Siding Rd again, but also magically thru the state Colorado!

Who could have planned such a convenience? Infinite wisdom.

I just moved into this new house here in Lubbock last Monday…I previously rented a room from Alicia, Damin’s girlfriend…it was absolutely great and I met so many wonderful people there.

So ya, a turn key fully furnished house with a new roommate who is a pro chef from San Antonio who is cooking up the grinds…and an amazing sports bar called Cap Rock just one block down the street…just like the Engine House Brewery being 1 1/2 blocks away when I was living in Tacoma…and yes, yes yes…ALL of the bartenders are cute. I feel so blessed by so many people.

None of these recent experiences would have happened if I would focused on the problem, which was the job getting temporarily shut down and lack of work.

Just in….while writing this, one of my ex-wives has been texting me about going to Montgomery, Alabama next month in June for my son’s graduation at Maxwell Air Force base…she just booked a room for me.

golfing with Anthony



Death & Co. is a cocktail bar in New York. Their book is very interesting…its a book about building a bar, running a bar and making drinks at a real high level…I’m reading a book about bartending, who woulda guessed.

omg my other ex just texted me…maybe she’ll book my rental car?

The Trail to Texas

“Here you go.” I said as I handed the closing manager a fist full of dollars and a hand full credit card receipts.

“Wow, you had a good night didn’t you?… you made some money” said my boss, in his mid-thirties, from his chair next to the desk.

As I stood next to him in a sweaty black polo, black pants, black Asics running shoes and black waist apron stuffed into my back pocket I responded “Whaat?”

“You are doing a great job…look how high your sales were?” he said.

“Well, …I got lucky with that 8 top…”

Before I could finish, he interupted and said “No man it ain’t luck…keep it up, people are noticing.”

I was surprised and stunned. This was the first job I had ever had working as an employee on payroll. I was hired on as a server at Paradise Grill in Maui October, 2012…well they hired me and trained me from scratch to be a server.

It was a fast learning curve… learning on the run in a very busy, high energy environment that involves food, alcohol and money can be overwhelming. Between having managers override and re-enter my guests orders into the computer in a dark restaurant after losing my reading glasses, charging credit cards to the wrong customers, having zero knowledge of how to split checks and not knowing what the hell a mango mojito is… I was continually having to flag down a manager to fix my errors.

“Yes mam?…what did you say?”

“Maindoe Mohidoe” said the elegant guest with a very heavy accent from the corner of the table.

As I walked around to her chair. I realized she was gorgeous, I wanted to get closer. So I leaned down and said “ I’m sorry, I am not quite sure what you are saying …Maindo.. what?”

“Maindoe Mohidoe” she said again.

I leaned even closer and dipped my knee down towards the floor next to her. As she patiently turned in her chair away from the table and opened up to meet me she said very slowly in a soft sexy voice “Like theeese…maaaaindoe…” As she started to say mojito, our eyes locked and I joined her unison by forming my lips to mirror hers as I said “mohiiiidoe” quietly with her as we finished in harmony.

“Maindoe Mohidoe!” I said with excitement.

“Yes yes!” she said happily

As I turned and dashed towards the bar I realized I could easily fall in love with the women sitting two seats from the corner of the long table that hosted this company party. Wow.

“Kevin…what the hell is a maindoe mohidoe?”

“You mean mango mojito?” said our bartender.

“Yes! one of those please” I said.

“Sorry, we are out of spearmint.” He said.

I went back to the table to tell my guest the bad news and she was very sad. After I purposely replayed of the events upon taking her first order (so I could look into her eyes just one more time) I got her next choice.

On my way back to the bar I crossed paths with the manager on the floor named Damin.

“Dude, check out the woman on the corner of that table over there…hot brah…when she ordered a mango mojito we almost kissed… but then I had to tell her we are out of spearmint…now she’s sad. But I think she’s into me, she’ll come around.”

“We’re not out of spearmint, its in the downstairs bar” he said.

“Nice!” I said.

As I turn to go tell my guest the wonderful news, Damin says “See the owner sitting at the end of the table?…that woman is his wife!”

So ya, getting a compliment from management is hard to forget… knowing someone has your back isn’t bad either.

pic of us away from the restaraunt in Maui, 2012



2 ½ years later, March 2015


“Whats up Jeffrey?…this is Damin. I’m in Lubbock, Texas. I am going to start remodeling a historic restaurant in downtown Lubbock. Ownership is changing. Grass feed beef and organic produce will be featured. The restaurant is going to expand 7 feet into the parking lot making room for a brand new huge bar downstairs. Once the construction is completed I will most likely be involved in the operation of the restaurant…

…does this sound like something you would like to be involved with?”

the good times continue!

(for those following I am in Lubbock, Texas working on the above projects and writing parts to the sequel to The Secret Beast…and what the Law of Attraction is teaching me. Thank you for reading)

The Envelope

I was driving to work thru downtown Lubbock, Texas a few weeks ago. I needed an envelope.

I had been in town for only a short time and except for two blank checks, my home/office (my car) was out of office supplies. I usually pay all of my bills with my phone but on this day I needed to send a check in the mail for a new vehicle insurance policy.

As I was driving that morning I thought “I need one envelope…where am I going to get just one envelope?”

Because of my schedule that day, I did not have any extra time to google and drive around town to try to find an office supply store…and I didn’t want to buy a whole box of envelopes anyway…”hmmm…no worries, I’ll get one somewhere before the end of the day.”

That was all I thought about it and then I let it go.

Thru contrast, by not having an envelope and then needing one, my unconscious request (my prayer) to the universe was made.

Ask and it is given. Humans do this all day long…we don’t even realize it…and if we do, most categorize it as a coincidence.

I went to work and forgot all about my need for an envelope. So basically I did not stress about it at all. And why should I? It is not as if I had a history or a belief system of an assumed “lack” of envelopes. Like “omg…I need an envelope so bad or I’m screwed.” Or, “boy I remember that one time when I didn’t have an envelope when I needed one therefore my payment was late and my insurance policy was cancelled…then I got in an accident without insurance and went to jail.”

I offered no resistance, no fear, no doubt, to my vibrational request. I had no paradigm in place that contradicted my asking. In fact, during the day I had completely forgot about my need for an envelope.

Later that afternoon I left the job.

My usual route is to leave the parking lot and take a right on Broadway, then a right on Q street, then a right on 19th which leads me out of downtown towards my  destination. I take this route everyday.

So… I took a right on Broadway, then a right on Q street. Then something strange happened…I forgot to turn right on 19th.

I kept going on Q street for 31 more blocks!

It wasn’t until I got to 50th street that I realized I had missed my turn!

“Wow Dulley, what the hell are you doing?…no worries just take a right on 50th and head west” I thought to myself.

I took a right on 50th.

As I took a right, a cop started following me. They do that a lot, especially with out of state plates. After a couple blocks I decided to pull over into a commercial parking lot to let him go by…just because.

When I pulled into the parking lot I looked up and noticed that I was at Office Depot. Then I started laughing as I realized what had just happened. I was guided to exactly where I needed to be and because of my lack of doubt, lack of resistance…the manifestation happened within hours of my asking.

I walked into the store and asked an Office Depot team member where the envelopes were located.

As I followed her towards the appropriate aisle, I said “ya know, I really don’t need a whole box…you wouldn’t happen to have just ONE would you?”

“Follow me” she said.

I followed her to the printing dept. where she explained my dilemma to another team member. “This guy wants just one envelope.” she said.

“Okay…here you go…that’ll be 11 cents” said the printer girl.


but now I needed a stamp.


Remodeling Gardski’s restaurant in Lubbock, TX